Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Review: "A destiny of dragons" by T. J. Klune

Author: T. J. Klune
Book 2 in series Tales from Verania
Main character: Sam
Narrator: Michael Lesley

This is technically the second book in a series, but it feels like a beginning... :) let me try to explain myself better... :) "The lightning-struck heart", book #1 in Tales from Verania absolutely fantastic fantasy series reads like a standalone... it's a complete story, that introduces us to the world and all the main characters... you can read it and be happy how it ended... :) this one, on the other hand... this one starts something new... with a cliffhanger at the end and everything :) yes, you really should read that first book to understand all the connections between characters :) plus, this second one spoils a lot of things about that first story... so definitely start with book #1 :) don't worry if you are not caught up with the series, cause I will have the next paragraph completely spoiler free, so even if you haven't read anything it will be safe to read :) and then the third and last part of this review will be all about this installment, where I will definitely spoil some things from the first book, but nothing from the second one :)

So what can I say to you about this world and these characters... besides the most obvious thing, that I absolutely love them... :) *sighs happily* ok, focus woman :) the whole story takes place in Verania, a fantasy world with magical creatures, wizards and all that jazz ;) Sam of Wilds is our main character :) raised in the slumps, when he accidentally turns some rude boys into stone, he and his parents are taken to the castle, where Sam becomes a wizard's apprentice :) an apprentice to none other than Morgan of Shadows, a legendary wizard who will become not only his mentor but also a very close friend... and if by now you are thinking: "oh, it's gonna be a nice, warm fantasy story, filled with adventures" then... think again ;) and be prepared for a whole lot of sass, sarcasm, crazy surprises and all around awesomeness :) because Sam has two best friends: Gary and Tiggy :) Gary is a hornless gay unicorn (long story) who is the absolute Queen of Sass and Tiggy is the sweetest half giant you ever met :) not only that, but we also have Ryan... who is he? oh I'll tell ya :) Ryan is the knight commander of the king and boyfriend of Justin, the prince... he is also someone, who Sam has a giant crush on... :) when Justin is kidnapped by a dragon, Sam, Gary, Tiggy and Ryan are going on a rescue mission... what can go wrong? ;) based on the fact that Sam attracts the worst kind of luck...? a lot of things ;) be prepared for an absolutely phenomenal ride, full of surprises (this story never went when I thought it would go) sarcastic humor and sass on super high levels :) I freaking loved this series and already can't wait to continue on with it :) so if you haven't gave it a shot already, definitely do it as soon as possible :) ok, now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me jump into all my thoughts and feelings about this second installment :)

Last warning people, this paragraph will contain some spoilers about the first story, so if you are brand new to the sereis, avert your eyes :) I was very excited to dive back into this world :) we have all our favourite characters back, including one that I couldn't really mention above... yes, I mean Kevin... the dragon... Beast from the East and all that ;) I swear you guys, he is the biggest reason for my snort-laughing when I read the book on my commute :) about a year went by from the end of the previous story and Sam and Ryan are all happy with rainbows and sunshine and all that ;) there are still crazy adventures and surprises along the way, but life is good... :) everything gets more complicated when unexpectedly Sam's gypsy grandmother arrives with the talk of his destiny to gather dragons of Verania in a fight agains the biggest darkness there ever was... and to top all that, she claims that Ruv, the man who came with her is Sam's true cornerstone (long story short, it's a person who helps a wizard built and stabilize their magic)... dun dun duuuuunnnnnn :) so even though Sam is very unhappy about the whole "destiny" thing, he gathers his friends and they start another adventure :) I won't say anything else about what is happening in this particular installment, because I don't want to spoil you anything, but I will warn you that it does end on a cliffhanger... fortunately, the next installment is already available ;) once again, I was absolutely in love with the writing style... it was entertaining and fast paced and I loved every minute of it... speaking of minutes... :) once again I listened to the audiobook version of this novel and once again I was impressed how one person can act out so many different voices... Michael Lesley as the narrator is fantastic and definitely adds to the book... so much, that even though I already have ebook versions of the third and fourth (last) books, I am tempted to wait for the audiobooks :) we shall see how long I will actually last :) as with the previous installment, while reading this one I definitely gasped in surprise more than once... sighed from all the cuteness... but my most common reaction was laughter... and not your cute giggle... noooo... I am talking about snorting in public and not-being-able-to-catch-your-breath-because-you-are-laughing-so-much situation... :) #TrueStory :) I cannot recommend you guys this book and this whole series enough :) it's sooo much fun... intertwined with much more serious and emotional topics... this second installment opened up all sorts of very interesting possibilities and I am very curious to see where the author will take us next :)



Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Review: "The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue" by Mackenzi Lee

Author: Mackenzi Lee
Book 1 in series Guide
Main character: Henry "Monty" Montague

I heard nothing but praises about this book... like, everywhere... so naturally I thought to myself that all that hype cannot possibly be true... but I was wrong :) this book was phenomenal and all of those opinions were correct... yes, it took me a while to actually finished it, but that's only because I had some library books that I had to get through before certain deadlines and some other novels I had to read to review... plus, I was reading this one sooo slowly... it was just so good that I didn't want it to end :) so let me tell you a bit more about the story and then proceed to share all the reasons why I loved it :)

This book takes place in... I wanna say sometime in the late 1700s... but don't quote me on that ;) Monty, our main character is a young nobleman, son of an earl... he's talkative, charming but also can be selfish and arrogant... he doesn't usually think about the consequences of certain actions... to be honest, I wasn't his biggest fan at the beginning... don't get me wrong, I loved how flawed he was and he definitely sneaked right into my heart with all his witty and sarcastic comments... ;) the novel starts when it's announced that he will go on Grand Tour across Europe... the last big adventure, that will takes place over the span of about a year, after which he will come home and start to take his duties and responsibilities much more seriously than before... he will be joined on said tour by Percy, his best friend and also a guy who he has a crush on and Felicity, his younger sister... that's basically all I can tell you... and that's all I've heard when people were describing this book... after reading it, I can atest that it's all you need to know before diving into all the awesomeness :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me dive into all the reasons why I loved it so much :)

Like I said, I can't really say much more about the actual events that take place in this story... mostly, because there are so many surprises and twists along the way, that I don't want to ruin all that for you... I swear, on multiple occasions I gasped in shock because the story took a turn where I definitely did not expected it to :) it's just so full of adventures... GAH!!! I can't say more... just, trust me on that :) next thing I loved: the writing style... I expected it to be hilarious, because it was another thing that I kept hearing from everyone who read it... and it's so true :) the writing style is hilarious, the banter is sarcastic and witty and that's just my favourite thing ever... what I did not expect, is some very serious topics that were mentioned here as well... obviously, I can't get into any more details about them because of spoilers, but... *sighs happily* it was done really well... it shows that author did research and tried her best to portray all that as realisticly for those times as she could... it definitely hit me in all the feels... :) and let's talk some more about the characters... the changes Henry goes through within the time this book takes place... the more I got to know about him and his story, the more I fell in love with him... my heart went out to him... and to see how everything that is happening around him affects him... how he grows up... I loved that story... Percy was just the kindest, cutest human being and I wanted to hug him all the time :) but my personal favourite was Felicity :) I adored her completely... she's smart and resourceful and much different than I expected... :) so imagine my joy when I discovered that she will be the heroine of the next book in this series... originally I thought it's gonna be a standalone, but based on some events here, and the fact that there will be a different main character in the sequel, I'm thinking it will be more like a companion novel rather than direct sequel... we'll see :) all in all, I highly recommend you this absolutely stunning gem :) it will warm your heart and put the biggest smile on your face :) just trust me, and go read it right now ;)



Monday, May 21, 2018

Review: "Crown of embers" by Meg Anne

Author: Meg Anne
Book 3 in series The chosen
Main character: Helena

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is the third installment in a truly amazing fantasy series, that revolves around the same group of characters, so you definitely have to read them in order... otherwise you will be lost, trust me on that :) but since I want to write this review in a way that all of you can read at least part of it, here's what we're gonna do :) in the next paragraph I will talk about the world and the main characters without any spoilers whatsoever, so it will be safe to read even if you are not familiar with this series yet, and then the third and last paragraph will be centered around this specific installment, which means I will talk about people and events without additional explanations, possibly spoiling stuff from the first two books, because I assume that only people who read those two stories will continue on :) ok, now that we have this out of the way, let's dive into some more details :)

This is a fantasy series, which for me means that we have a world filled with magic, different races / creatures, unique abilities and all that jazz :) it's definitely one of my favourite genres to read, because I adore getting lost in different worlds... this one was no excpetion... and the further we get into the stories, the more we learn about it... which only opens so many possibilities for future stories... :) the more I know, the more curious I am to learn even more :) I am not gonna get into any additional details, because it's much better explained in the actual books, plus, we don't get all of the informations at once... we get those explanations over time, which definitely helps to remember everything better :) *The chosen* is the name of the series, and also the name of one of the races in the books... they can wield magic, all different kinds of it :) Helena, our main character, discovers very early on in the first book, that she's one of the most powerful of them that was ever born... she was raised far away from the palace and the corruption within those walls, but now's the time to go back, reclaim her powers and save her people :) she will have to complete her Circle of five men who will be her protectors and advisors, including the one who will be her Mate... and that's just the beginning... it's an absolutely amazing series, with complex characters, many surprising twists and turns and phenomenal writing style that will grab you from the very first chapter, make you turn page after page, because you need to see how it ends, and then leave you wanting more when you read those little *the end* words at the end ;) I highly recommend you guys to give it a try if you haven't yet, the first book is called "Mother of shadows" :) ok, now that we have this out of the way, let me share a bit more about the actual subject of this review :)

LAST WARNING people :) spoilers about the first two books will come next... *looks around* ok, I assume that all of you who stayed are up to speed :) don't be mad at me if you haven't read those previous books and will be spoiled about something important, I couldn't have been more clear about upcoming spoilers... ;) moving on :) so after the mother of all cliffhangers at the end of that second book... #WhatWasInTheBox ;) we jump right back into that scene... obviously, I won't say what was it, but it definitely starts something... *more* is definitely a theme in this installment... we get to know more about the characters we already know... and fall in love with them even more... *coughs* Ronan *coughs* ;) we see new places, meet new people... I swear, Meg has an incredible imagination and I just want more and more of this colorful and complex world she created... every other chapter I was like *oh, I'd love to know more about this place / these people* :) I was never bored, that's for sure ;) Helena grows more confident and stronger, even though there are still some lingering effects of the separation from her Mate... after all, she only just got him back after that kidnapping... I adore her connection to the men in her Circle... how she listens to them, but still makes her own decisions... how playful their banter can be... and how necessary that is when during so much of her time she needs to be in control and setting the best example... the stakes are getting higher and higher, with Rowena now determined more than ever to defeat her... I swear you guys, these books just keep getting better and better :) the writing style is amazing as always... building up the world and characters we know, introducing us to new people and places, each of them could be the center of another novel... :) the story flows effortlessly, and before I knew what was happening, I finished the book... now we wait for the fourth and last installment in this original series... but worry not, I'm hearing there is a sequel / companion series in the works for later *squeels with excitement* ;) I laughed, sighed with delight, gasped in surprise and cried during this story... Meg has the abilty to hit me in all the feels... and those are the best kind of stories... :) and now I am dying to get my hands on that fourth installment... I need more!!! :) but I'm greedy like that when it comes to such fantastic books... :)



Weekly wrap up #21 ;) may 14th - may 20th

Hello all my awesome people :) what a great reading week I had... *sighs happily* :) mostly because I gave myself permission to actually read the books I wanted to read :) with less and less ARCs I need to get through, I am finally able to pick up books that match my mood... and recently I've been in a contemporary romance sort of one :) which you are gonna be able to see below :) so without additional delay, let me say more about all the books I read this past week, starting with the one story I managed to finish, then mentioning the two I read entirely and finishing with the ones I am still in the middle of :)

"Royally screwed" by Emma Chase
from 14% to 100% -> 252 pages; finished

After only starting this story the week before, I was very curious to see how it will end... and I was not disappointed :) this was such a wonderful book... the romance between prince Nicholas and Olivia was... just... *sighs dreamily* Olivia was such a strong character... and Nicholas was absolutely swoonworthy... I loved this one so much that... well... just keep reading this post :)

"Royally matched" by Emma Chase
from 1% to 100% -> 275 pages; finished

After finishing the first book in this series earlier in the week I just had to read the sequel... :) to know more about Henry... to see how his story with Sarah will go... I made a mistake of thinking I can read only a few chapters before taking a break to do some productive things... yeah... oh naivete, thy name is A ;) I spent the majority of my saturday finishing this gem... and I have to say I think I liked it a bit better than the first one :) Sarah, as a fellow book lover, and a shy person with a surprisingly strong and brave side was my favourite in this story... yes, I stand by that opinion even with a total smooth-talking charmer like Henry being the other choice... ;)

"The learning hours" by Sara Ney
from 1% to 100% -> 398 pages; finished

This was the audiobook I listened to this past week :) it's the third book in How to date a douchebag series and... I think it was my favourite so far... *gasps in shock* I know, I was surprised by this fact just as much as you :) and even though I didn't like Laurel from the start, Rhett immediately stole my heart... with his kindness and manners and that southern accent... *sighs dreamily* it was just an absolutely lovely story... you all need to read it immediately :)

"You are a badass" by Jen Sincero
from page 18 to page 35

So I was finally able to read a few more chapters of this book... I swear, every time I pick it up, I am immediately inspired to do stuff... small stuff, bigger stuff, you name it :) it's definitely a motivational kick in the butt ;) I have a feeling it might take me a long time to actually finish this book, mostly because I don't want to rush anything... I want to really absorb and think about the chapters I read... :)

"Year of descendants" by Aimee Hyndman
from 1% to 12% -> 41 pages

You might be wondering, why there are two covers above and none of them from the book I'm actually reading :) it's only because I still can't find anywhere the official cover, so I just showed you the ones for the first two books in this series, especially since I am now reading the third installment :) there's not much spoiler free things that I can say to you about it, so all I will mention is that you will be able to read my full review tomorrow, so come back if you want to know more about this fantasy gem :) yes, there will be parts of that review completely spoiler free even if you are new to the series :)

"Midnight blue" by L. J. Shen
from 1% to 7% -> 23 pages

This is my very first book by this author, and my current audiobook :) the narrators are amazing, especially Shane East who reads as Alex... *sighs dreamily* that british accent is absolutely swoonworthy... even though Alex himself is definitely a jerk... we shall see what's gonna happen next :) I listened only to a few chapters on sunday evening but I am very curious to see how this particular rocker romance will turn out :)

Total page count of the week: 

I've had another really good reading week :) I definitely read more than I expected... more than I planned really... but I blame Emma Chase and her Royally series for that... ;) but this week will definitely have to be much more productive... because the amount of reviews I am currently behind is in double digits... yeah... so I am publically announcing my ambitious plan to catch up on (mostly) all of them before the end of the week :) I hope that the public pressure will motivate me to do more ;) and what have you been reading lately? :)



Friday, May 18, 2018

Review: "Chef sugarlips" by Tawna Fenske

Author: Tawna Fenske
Book 1 in series Ponderosa resort
Main characters: Sean and Amber

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is the first book in Tawna's new series, and it's a hit right from the start :) for such a quick read I have surprisingly a lot of things to say about it, so let's just dive straight into my review... which, because of my spoiler free rule might not be as long as I initially anticipated... ;) anyway, moving on :)

Let's start with some basic informations... this may be the beginning of a brand new series, but it's not the first book set in that place... very quickly after I started it, I stumbled upon mentioning of a couple, and I was sure that there was already a story about them... I was correct :) after a quick search I saw that "Studmuffin Santa" is the prequel-ish story, about the heroine's sister from this book and one of the owners of the resort next to their farm... I won't go into any more details because #1 that book is not the subject of this review and, more importantly, #2 I haven't read it yet... I was tempted to sneak in reading it before I finished this one, but I already started this gem and was unable to put it down... ok, enough rambling, let's talk more details about our main couple :) so we have Sean and Amber :) Amber runs with her sister a raindeer ranch, that also serves as a wedding venue... :) they are situated next door to the currently being restored Ponderosa resort, that's owned by a whole lot of rich half-siblings / cousins... basically just a big related bunch of people :) I fell in love with Amber from the start :) she was amazing... hilarious and clumsy, I definitely related to her ;) a big plus: her relationship with Jade, her sister :) Sean on the other hand... don't get me wrong, I really liked him, but there were times when I wanted to smack him for being stupid... :) he had a crush on her for the longest time, so when they actually have a reason to spend more time with each other, because he's helping her with one of the weddings... cause of course I forgot to mention that he's also a chef... ;) sparks fly... and the hilarious banter begins... :) that's all I'm gonna say about the actual plot of the book... it's not very long and I don't want to spoil any surprises along the way... ;) so let's jump into all the reasons why I adored this story :)

This was only my second novel by Tawna Fenske that I read so far ("The list" being the first) and I am more and more convinced that her hilarious humor is the best way to brighten your day... come on, we all need to snort-laugh in public every once in a while, am I right? :) because that was my main reaction during my read of this book :) I just couldn't stop myself :) sarcastic banter, hilarious one-liners... witty dialogue... :) the writing style is absolutely phenomenal in this one :) you want proof? I finished this in a day... with the one and only break I took was to go to work... *grumbles to herself* stupid adulting... earning money to pay for food *mumbles some more* ;) because right after I got home, I had to finish it :) the main couple was great, with sizzling chemistry, the secondary characters were just as wonderful... I am already dreaming about all the possible stories we can get... :) it was just a fast paced super fun read... word of advice though... don't read it when you're hungry :) Sean is a chef, and every time there were mentions of the food... *sighs* I started salivating ;) #TrueStory :) the whole book is written in 2 POVs which means we get chapters from Amber's perspective as well as from Sean's point of view, and that's definitely my favourtie kind... I love to be able to glimpse inside the heads of our main couple, to connect with them more and to understand their motivations better... :) I highly recommend you guys to pick this gem up :) you will not regret it... :) I even thought about maybe quoting some of the funny bits, but then I would have to start quoting whole pages... you'll understand once you start reading this amazing novel :) so definitely go pick it up as soon as possible... and then enjoy your great mood :) you're welcome ;)