Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Review: "Big rock" by Lauren Blakely

Title: "Big rock"
Book 1 in series Big rock
Main characters: Spencer and Charlotte
Narrator: Sebastian York

This is the first installment in a series of six companion novels :) as in, all of them work perfectly well as standalones, but there are all sorts of different connections between characters in all of them, like heroine from one book is the sister of a hero from another and so on :) my sister originally read all of the books first... or should I say inhaled to be more precise... ;) and she so highly recommended it to me, that I decided to give them a try sooner than later :) and I have to say that I agree with all her praises, because this particular novel is just the start and I am already in love :) so let me tell you a bit more about our main couple and what the story is about :)

Spencer and Charlotte have been friends for quite a few years... and business partners for some of them as well :) currently they own a few bars in New York and their friendship is going on strong as well :) everything gets more complicated when Spencer and his big mouth puts him in a peculiar position... :) because you see... his dad wants to sell his business... a high end jewelry store, and the investor is very conservative... and probably wouldn't look to kindly on Spencer and his playboy-ish ways... even though there's nothing wrong with them, since he's not misleading anyone, but you know... so Spencer being Spencer, announces unexpectedly that he and Charlotte are engaged... you know, since they usually help each other in tricky situations in bars when one of them needs an excuse to brush someone off... ;) Charlotte has reasons of her own to agree to this little charade, and no, that reason is not the love for Spencer :) I don't really want to get into too many details about the whole story, because I don't want to spoil you anything ;) long story short, they agree to pretend for a week or so, until the deal is done... of course the situation turns out to be much more complicated than they both anticipated at the beginning... :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you about all the reasons why I love this book :)

The whole novel is written from the hero's perspective, which is actually quite unusual... :) or maybe I just haven't read many books like that :) it's definitely a different way of telling a story and I loved it... especially since I actually listened to the audiobook and let me tell you... *sighs dreamily* Sebastian York and his gravelly voice is pure perfection... I may or may not have done a search on Audible based on his name and added a whole bunch of books on my list based on him being the narrator of the story alone ;) but the whole writing style is amazing in this novel :) even though we don't get Charlotte's perspective, I fell in love and connected with her as much as with Spencer... what is even better, this is a story with basically no angst or unnecessary drama... don't you just love when adults act like actual adults and talk with each other to resolve certain issues? :) so not only our main couple is amazing, we have a few very interesting secondary characters as well... like Harper, Spencer's sister :) I can't wait to read her story in the second installment of this series... especially since we may or may not got to know the hero of said story in this book as well... ;) all in all I highly recommend you this absolutely hilarious and sizzlingly hot contemporary romance... it has it all... laughs, romance, amazing chemistry between the main couple, phenomenally entertaining writing style with a beautiful epilogue as a cherry on top :) if you haven't already, definitely give it a try :)



Review: "The lightning-struck heart" by T. J. Klune

Author: T. J. Klune
Book 1 in series Tales from Verania
Main character: Sam
Narrator: Michael Lesley

I heard about this book for the first time months ago... but I was hesitant to try it... even though I've heard nothing but praises from very trusted sources I wasn't sure if this was a story for me... and now I am sitting here, writing this review and totally shaking my head at how stupid my past self was... ;) but can you really blame me? a book about Sam, a young wizard's apprentice who's gay, his best friends are a hornless gay unicorn named Gary and a half-giant named Tiggy, and the whole book is full of their adventures... it doesn't sound like a novel that everyone might like... hence, my hesitation... :) but oh how wrong I was... because it was spectacular and everyone has to read this gem :) let me tell you a bit more about our main character, and quite a few secondary ones, along with the main plot of the story :) and then I will proceed to sing only the highest praises about this awesomeness that all of you need in your lives... :)

Sam is the main character :) he's the apprentice of Morgan, the king's wizard... he and his parents used to live in the slums, until one day little Sam accidentally turned boys that were chasing him into stone... yeah... that doesn't happen every day ;) he and his family are then whisked away so he can learn magic, so he can become the next king's wizard... fast forward a few years, and now his best friends are very unique magical creatures... Gary and Tiggy :) not to mention that he has a very serious crush on Ryan... totally swoonworthy knight and unfortunately boyfriend of Justin, king's son... can you say awkward? ;) but wait, there's more... ;) when Justin is kidnapped by a dragon all four of them are going to rescue him... :) yeah, because that sounds like a great plan :) the whole book takes place in a fantasy world, and is filled with magic and all sorts of awesomeness like that ;) so that's pretty much all I can tell you about the overall plot and everything, because I refuse to spoil you anything :) so instead let me gush all about the reasons why I adore this book :) but before that, one last thing :) it is only the first story in a series about the same set of characters, but you get a lot of resolutions in this one and it doesn't end on any cliffhanger of any sorts, so don't worry about it :)

There were oh so many reasons why I loved this book... the writing style... the story... the characters... pick one and I will elaborate ;) how about the writing style first? :) I've never read T. J. Klune's books before, but all of them landed on my wishlist before I finished this novel... not only that, but I got all other available installments in this series before I got to the middle of this first book :) the style is so entertaining and just simply hilarious, although not all of you might enjoy this type of humor... :) I personally loved it :) it was full of sass and sarcstic banter and that's definitely my favourite kind... :) not to mention that this author has an amazing ability to create very diverse characters and I love them all... well, not all, but you know what I mean :) Sam is a hero I connected with a lot... he may be young, but there were moments when he really surprised me with his a lot more mature than I expected behaviour... yeah, he has completely silly moments as well but they certainly don't ruin the impression :) Gary, the hornless gay unicorn is the absolute Queen of Sass :) his outrageous sarcastic comments made me snort-laugh more than once :) Tiggy is adorable with how protective he is of his friends... Ryan is all swoonworthy and knightly and stuff... ;) his interactions with Sam are just... you'll see ;) but who surprised me the most is Morgan... I did not expect to love the king's wizard as much as I did... his friendship with Sam, the way he supports him and cares for him... how close they are to each other... *sighs happily* there is one scene in the book that makes me tear up to this day when I think about it... of course there are quite a few more, but I can't name them because of spoilers... ;) nonetheless, they were all brought to life by an absolutely amazing narrator, Michael Lesley :) yep, I listened to the audiobook version of this story and I highly recommend you guys to do it as well... they way this man voices different people... I couldn't believe that it's just one person :) all of them have distinctive voices and the whole performance really adds to the story... :) not that the story needs it, because the book itself is fabulous :) full of sarcastic banter, friendships, adventures, surprises... like you-are-gonna-fall-from-your-chair surprises :) trust me, I could sit here all day... a few days even, and tell you all the reasons why this book is amazing... :) you're not a fan of fantasy? give this book a try either way... :) you don't like audiobooks? give this particular audiobook a go, you will be surprised :) just... please... if you haven't already, give this amazing gem a try... it's so wonderful... so funny and yet so emotional in the most surprising places... I have no words good enough to really describe all my love for this book... so just go read it already ;)



Monday, April 16, 2018

Review: "The heartreader's secret" by Kate McIntyre

Author: Kate McIntyre
Book 3 in series The Faraday files
Main character: Chris Buckley

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) first things first, this is the third installment in what seems to be a four-book series, and those books are very much connected to one another, so you really should read them in order to get the most of the experience and to understand all the connections between characters... :) but fear not if you are brand new to this series... just because I am so much in love with it doesn't mean that the whole world knows it ;) I am hoping to change that ;) anyway... I will have a totally spoiler free next paragraph, talking about the series and some major characters in general, and then the third and last one will be all about this third book and will include certain spoilers from the first two, so please skip that one if you are not caught up with the series :)

The Faraday files is a steampunk / paranormal series taking place in Darrington... it's a made up city where technology is mixed with... magical creatures :) that's the shortest way for me to describe it right now, for more details be sure to check out the first book :) it's explained much better there ;) some people in this world have talents... abilities may be a better word for it :) that are unavailable for the rest of them :) again, it's much better explained in the book, so let's just go with the super short explanation and move on :) a few years ago there was a huge accident that killed a lot of people... I won't go into details about it, but in each book we get a little glimpse into that event and more details about what exactly happend there and why... but the main focus of the series is on Chris... he's connected to that event, but I'm not gonna spoil you how :) at the beginning of the first book he's looking for a job... money he inherited from his parents are basically gone and he has a younger sister to take care of... even though they were raised in... I wanna say upper-ish family, they now struggle... so an opportunity to work as a deathsniffer's assistant is basically his last chance... and that's how we meet Olivia Faraday :) *sighs happily* I absolutely adore that woman :) think of her like a female equivalent of Sherlock Holmes... she's sort of a detective and she needs someone to help her with the cases... make notes and such ;) because usually she scares them off pretty quickly :) since Chris is pretty desperate, he's also very determined to get and then hold on to this job :) each book concentrates on a diferent case but there are things and events that have consequences in other books and many things are connected to one another, that's why I very highly recommend you to read this series in order :) it's amazing, full of phenomenal writing style, complex characters and just overall awesomeness :) ok, now that we have this explanation out of the way, let me tell you more about the third book :)

Last warning, if you haven't read the first two books avert your eyes... I won't spoil anything that happens in this installment, but I will talk about people and events from the previous two books so proceed with caution :) ok, let's jump into all the reasons why I adored this newest installment :) what will I start with? :) let's go with character development... :) I am truly amazed how much the people I've met before have changed... how Chris matured... although he does one incredibly stupid thing in this novel that I'm gonna have problems to forgive him for... *sighs* but it's still a difference from Chris we met at the beginning of the series... and Olivia... I already mentioned it, but I will say it again :) I adore her... and she changes a lot... it may not be spectacular, but it's a lot of small things that paints such a complicated picture of her as my favourite character... especially since in this installment we visit her childhood home and get to know more about her history... it definitely helped me understand her more... :) and we got to see Will again... *sighs happily* I think it may be a tie between him and Olivia, cause I forgot how much I adore him as well... he's yet another complex person :) this installment revolves around a missing person, which is very unusual, cause Olivia deals with murders, but when a friend asks for help, even she can't refuse... the case is as always layered and complicated, and throughout the whole book we uncover more and more facets of it... and everything leads to a pretty spectacular ending... trust me... I am dying to get my hands on the fourth, and if I remember correctly, the last book in this series... cause a lot of archs and events came together in this installment, we discovered a few things... I definitely still have some questions... but I think everything came together very nicely to make us super curious and excited about that final book... :)



Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #96

The best laid plans
Songs of the moment

Hello my wonderful people... I hope you are having a good day, because my last two weeks were... interesting is the most neutral way to put it... :) so let's keep this intro short and sweet, and just jump into those headlines... in order today :)

As you know, if you follow my blog for a while now, I have troubles with keeping up with my writing... all the posts and reviews, because I read a lot, can sometimes... pile up :) it's an on going struggle not to let them pile too high, because then I would never climb myself out of all of that, but it's not easy... especially since there are times when I am soooo busy at work, that when I get home, I don't want to do anything but chill and relax... which means reading... which leads to more reviews that I have to write... it's a vicious cycle ;) but the week before last I decided to catch up... I knew I was gonna have a super busy next week, and I couldn't let it pile up any more higher... so I gave permission to my sister to very loudly shame me if she saw me doing stupid shit instead of writing... ;) and it totally worked :) don't get me wrong, it's not like she has been following my around with a bell or anything ;) but a few times I needed that extra kick, she was there ;) and I was super proud of myself that I was able to write and edit everything that was on my to do list :) and I figured that the next week will be such a good reward for me... busy, yes, but filled with fun things... oh, how naive I was... :) let me tell you all about it...

I am cursed... there is no other explanation for it... I am now seriously afraid to buy movie tickets... because I was supposed to see two movies last week... ask me how many I saw? big fat zero, that's how many :/ I was also supposed to work on saturday... and yes, you guessed correctly... I haven't... why? oh, I'll tell ya... because I decided smack dab in the middle of the week, that's it's the perfect moment to catch a stomach flu bug... yeah... don't worry, I will spare you the details, but it took me the rest of the week to feel better... and I am still not at my usual 100%... ugh... so my plans definitely changed... but I decided to not be discouraged by all that, and catch up on some more blog stuff... because I read yet another few books in the meantime ;) but I'm finally down to three books that I'm reading at the same time :) I used to read just one... then it slowly started to grow, up until a point where I was reading 5-7 books at the same time... then it got tiring, and I finally reached my goal, three :) it still may sound like a lot, but once I explain everything it will all be clear ;) now I am reading one audiobook on my commute, which is about an hour per day :) I am also reading one ebook, which is usually one of the eARCs I have from authors, publishers and such with a dealine for a review, and one paperback, that I'm reading at home, curled up in my favourite chair :) between these three I usually read different genres at the same time, so I can always pick up something that will fit my mood :)

Last but not least I want to share with you guys songs that are completely stuck in my head currently... all three of them are very different from one another, and I love them all for very different reasons :) enjoy :)

Ok, that is a wrap you guys :) be sure to come back and check my blog often in the next few weeks, cause I have lots of great recommendations coming your way :) as always, the best way to connect with me is through my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) happy reading and I hope you will all have a lovely day :)



Weekly wrap up #16 ;) april 9th - april 15th

Well hello my awesome people :) how was your last week? I hope it was better than mine, because mine was... ugh... you can read about it in my newest #RandomRamblings that I'm gonna post later today :) but instead of focusing on the bad, let's talk about all the awesome stuff I read this past week :) starting with all the books I was able to finish, then adding one surprising book I read completely, and finishing with the one book I started yesterday ;)

"A destiny of dragons" by T. J. Klune
from 60% to 100% -> 192 pages; finished

It took me about three weeks, but I finally finished this amazing audiobook :) and it took me this long only because it's 16+ hours... and I basically listened to it only on my commute, which is about one hour per day :) but what's most important... it was soooo good :) once again, I gasped in surprise, but my most common reaction was snort-laughing :) this book is crazy hilarious :)

"The heartreader's secret" by Kate McIntyre
from 30% to 100% -> 304 pages; finished

I finished this eARC later than I planned because of unexpected circumstances, but it doesn't change the fact that I adored it :) the third installment in a steampunk / paranormal series about a detective and her assistant was amazing and set everything for what appears to be a fantastic finale :) if you want to know more I will be posting my full review later today :)

"The lost hero" by Rick Riordan
from page 161 to page 553; finished

It took me a while, but once I really sat down to it I couldn't put down this gem :) I certainly did not expect to fall in love with brand new characters in Rick Riordan's familiar world as much and as fast as I did... in fact, instead of changing genres after finishing this one, I very quickly decided to continue on with the series... ;) 

"When stars burn out" by Carrie Aarons
from 1% to 100% -> 250 pages; finished

This was a surprise read for me this week :) I did not plan to read this eARC... it just... happened ;) and how glad I am of that, because I loved this second chance romance.... I know, I'm shocked as well, cause that's definitely not my favourite trope :) for all my thoughts and feelings you can check out my full review on Goodreads -> READ ME <- :)

"The son of Neptune" by Rick Riordan
from page 1 to page 61

I started the sequel immediately after I finished the first book... and even though this one seems to be focused on a whole different set of characters, I can't wait to know more :) I am just having the best time reading Rick Riordan's books lately... :) so why stop? I will probably fly through this whole series before I make a switch to a different author... or not ;)

Total page count of the week: 

For not such a great week I had, my reading time was surprisingly good :) I absolutely LOVED everything I read this past week :) I laughed, cried and gasped with surprise... the best possible mix of emotions ;) I am equally excited and hopeful about all the books I have planned for this week... ;) but for more details you will have to check out my next #WeeklyWrapUp ;)